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Our appraisal division focuses on Commercial, Industrial and Apartment property types. We service a wide array of clients from larger national banks to local attorneys and accounting firms. We have extensive experience appraising property in the Southern California market as Long Beach Appraisers and Orange County Appraisers.

Residential Apartment (Multiple Family Residential)

  • 5-99 Unit Apartment Projects
  • 100+ Unit Apartment Projects
  • Mobile Home or Trailer Parks

We offer 71A & 71B Form Reports and Narrative Reports.

Commercial & Industrial Properties

  • Retail (Free-Standing, Storefront, Strip or Shopping Centers)
  • Restaurant (Fast-Food, Sit-Down)
  • Office (Single-Tenant, Low to Hi-Rise)
  • Industrial (Warehouse, Light or Heavy Manufacturing)
  • Auto Related (Auto Sales/Dealership, Auto Repair)
  • Ground Lease (Leased Fee or Leasehold)
  • Mixed-use (Retail/Office, Retail/Residential)
  • Condominium (Retail, Office or Industrial)

We offer both Short and Long Narrative Reports with an option of a Discounted Cash Flow Analysis.

Special Purpose Properties

  • Religious Facilities (Churches, Temples, Synagogues, etc.)
  • Meeting Halls (Lodge, Entertainment Facilities, etc.)
  • Schools (Private, Religious, Elementary, Pre-School, College)

We offer both Short and Long Narrative Reports.

New Construction/Land

  • Sub-Divisions (Single-Family Residential)
  • Condominium Projects (2-200 Units)
  • Commercial
  • Industrial

We offer Short and Long Narrative Reports, with Hypothetical or Prospective Values, and Retail Values.